iHero Trailer (English subbed)

Taiwan is currently airing a new television show. The English title is iHero, and for those who know a bit of Chinese, the Chinese title of 鑑識英雄。Translated, it’s also Crime Scene Investigator Center, or CSIC.

The highlight of this show is the immense amount of time and money invested in this project, in efforts to promote the high quality of entertainment that Taiwan can bring. It really shows. They modeled it after the incredibly successful CSI series in America, but they kept the culture and feel of Taiwan, which is something I think is so very touching. Ideas can be shared and transferred from one arena to another, just as the idea of filming CSI stories can be shared between America and Taiwan, but to absorb, digest, and morph that idea into a new and equally weighted identity is difficult but laudable.

But enough of me talking. See for yourself. Please, if you’re interested in watchingthis show subbed in English, please don’t forget to leave comments here, or on the Youtube video.

Note: Please be aware that the video source is not mine; it belongs to the CTV, the broadcasting station in Taiwan who produced this series.


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