Dear Mom OST 我的寶貝四千金

Since I’m currently working on subtitling this drama, I thought I’d share its OST. Typical of Taiwanese “daily” dramas, there are happy and cheerful as well as painful and dark songs.

We hope you enjoy them! As a personal, tangent side-note: this OST has brought renewed attention to Rainie Yang. I still remember her from the young days of Devil Beside You, memories of my own childhood, and was quite blown away by the emotional depth of her music now. She’s definitely an artist to be on the watch out…

Translations by: MusicIndividual86 and CocoaCaffeine8
Edited by: SoundsofSnow

Opening Song
Closing Song
Insert Songs by Rachel Liang
Insert Songs by Wilber Pan
Insert Songs by Shiny
Insert Songs by Rainie Yang
Insert Songs by Wang Da Wen

Opening Song: 雲霄飛車 – 王大文
Roller Coaster – By Dawen Wang

That feeling of falling in love is really not simple.

It hasn’t climbed for more than a couple seconds before rolling back down.

It has tens of thousands of ups and downs; the sky and earth spin.

I cry and I smile. The more exhilarating, the more I like it.

只想要跟你冒險 全心全意 保護你
I just want to go on adventures with you, protecting you wholeheartedly.

吵吵鬧鬧 其實也甜蜜
Being rowdy and noisy is actually sweet too.


雲霄飛車 讓我們體驗 美妙的世界
A roller coaster lets us experience the beauty of the world.

未來我看不見 但兩個人的愛一定會往前
I can’t see the future, but the love of two people will definitely move forward.

A roller coaster.

如果你害怕 把我手握緊
If you are afraid, then just hold tightly to my hand.

幸福它會準時 繞了幾圈再回到這裡
Happiness will be on time, returning here after going for a couple turns

to declare the beauty of love.

Once in awhile I might accidentally step on a mine,

and inevitably I might cause you to shed tears.

But sometimes, this kind of offbeat rhythm

Actually lets me see how moving the on-beats can be.

只想你陪我冒險 全心全意 保護你
I just want you to go on adventures with me, protecting you wholeheartedly.

吵吵鬧鬧 其實也甜蜜
Being rowdy and noisy is actually sweet too.


How do you maintain the passion of love?

Don’t try to anticipate it; only then will you be surprised.

生活多不平凡 來試看看
How extraordinary life can be; come give it a try.


Ending Song: 寂寞之光 – 梁文音
Lonely Ray of Light – by Rachel Liang Wen Yin

一枚硬幣滾落在 人來人往大街上
A single coin rolls around on the busy street.

誰會發現 遺忘的故事就在自己腳旁
Who will realize that the forgotten stories are right beside their feet?

沉沉睡在捷運車廂 直到過了站
Deeply asleep in the subway car until the stop has passed.

電影已散場 心還在飄盪
The movie has ended, but my heart is still roaming.

婦人滿手玉蘭花 輕扣每扇玻璃窗
The housewife’s hands are full of magnolias, gently shutting every glass window.

誰會抬頭 看一眼那小心期盼的目光
Who will raise their head and glance at the carefully anticipating gaze?

追不到的高樓大廈 在暮色中泛黃
The high-rise skyscrapers that I can’t catch up to are yellowing in the twilight.

看板反射孤單的身影 搖搖又晃晃
The screen reflects a lonely figure that shifts and sways.

***Chorus A***

我的日子 在等誰聽見啊
Who am I waiting for to hear about my days?

我的哀愁 想跟誰說說啊
Whom can I tell about my sorrows?

我的憤怒 只埋在心底嗎
Can my fury only be buried in my heart?

我的快樂 有人能分享嗎
Can my happiness be shared with anyone?

總是渴望 有狂舞的力量
We still yearn for the strength to dance passionately.

總是渴望 能一覺到天亮
We still yearn to be able to sleep undisturbed until the dawn.

總是等待日出那道 寂寞之光
We still wait for that lonely ray of light when the sun rises.

騎樓下的路邊攤 默默熬著一鍋湯
That street vendor under the veranda is silently brewing a pot of soup,

就像熬著 生活裡說不出的酸甜苦辣
Just like it is brewing the joys, sorrows, and anguishes of life that can’t be spoken of.

碎碎念的電台DJ 對什麼人說話
That nagging radio DJ, who is he talking to?

有時候只是想在天空 開出一朵花
Sometimes, we just want a flower to bloom in the sky.

***Chorus B***

我們都在 喧嘩裡沉默過
We’ve all felt sullen in a celebration before.

我們都在 狂歡裡失落過
We’ve all felt disappointment in joyous occasions before.

我們都為 某個人努力過
We’ve all worked hard for that someone before.

我們都曾 軟弱想放棄過
We’ve all wanted to give up because of weakness before.

可是我們 還是走過來了
But we still made it through.

最後我們 一點點蛻變了
In the end, we’ve changed little by little,

在生命中守護一道 寂寞之光
Protecting in our lives that lonely ray of life.

***Chorus A***

總是等待日出以後 這世界還會有全新的模樣
We still wait for the day when the world will be anew after the sun rises.

***Chorus B***

在生命中守護我們 熱烈擁抱時的寂寞的光亮
Protecting in our lives that lonely ray of light in the moment of a passionate embrace.

Insert Song: 我們會再見 – 梁文音
We Will Meet Again – by Liang Wen Yin

轉過身之後 藍天會對你微笑的
When you turn around, the blue sky will smile at you.

讓眼眶的淚滴 都流進心底收著
Let those tears swirling in your eyes flow back into your heart to stay.

一起仰望的 一起記得 就已經足夠了
The things we’ve yearned for together, remembering them together is enough.

故事慢慢停格 笑聲還迴盪著
The story slowly comes to a halt. Our laughs are still swaying in the air.


就揮一揮手 把回憶帶走
Just wave your hand and take the memories away with you.

Don’t linger in sadness.

我們平行在 彼此的宇宙
Our balance comes from our mutual universe.

How fortunate that we’ve embraced each other before.

就不要回頭 把祝福帶走
Don’t look back, take your blessings away.

Unveil an even wider sky.

我們會再見 緣一開始就沒盡頭
We will meet again. Once fate begins, it has no ending.

未來路上會 遇見更多不同的人
In the future, you will meet even more different people on the road.

像大樹的年輪 一圈一圈累積著
Just like the aged tree, they accumulate ring by ring.

可最單純的 最瘋狂的 都已留給你了
But the simplest, the craziest have all been left with you.

往後走得再遠 也不會孤獨了
Now, no matter how far you go in the future, you won’t feel lonely.


What you’ve left behind in my life

Will never be erased away.

多少個清晨 多少個黃昏
How many dawns? How many dusks?

人生沒有不散的筵席 卻有不散的心
In life, there is no banquet that won’t disperse, but there are hearts that can’t let go.

當你再想起 我仍在這裡
When you think of me again, I will still be here,

Accompanying you to move forward together.


Insert Song: 一個人 – 潘瑋柏
Alone – by Wilbur Pan

握著一張 夜深的電影票
I’m grasping onto a midnight viewing movie ticket.

對著電話 打給誰不知道
Staring at the phone, I don’t know who I’m calling.

世界好像 默默遺失了一角
It seems like the world has silently lost a corner.

塞在車陣 去哪裡沒目標
Stuck in traffic, I don’t have a destination to go to.

還睡不著 缺少一個擁抱
I can’t fall asleep yet. I’m missing an embrace.

心有點冷 可是我說我很好
My heart is a little cold, yet I say that I’m very well.

自言自語 是否有人 能夠聽到
I’m talking to myself. Is there anyone that can hear me?

I’m used to… ♫一個人呼吸 空氣裡沒妳的味道
breathing alone. The air doesn’t have your scent.

一個人感傷 任憑寂寞慢慢發酵
Hurting alone. I let the loneliness fester slowly at will.

一個人逞強 隨時提醒自己 把脆弱藏好
Bracing myself alone. I constantly remind myself to hide my weakness well.

一個人胡鬧 假裝不再需要依靠
Fussing alone, pretending I don’t need to rely on anyone.

一個人醒來 刻意忽略那些渴望
Waking up alone, purposefully ignoring those desires.

一個人練習 直到忘了我是誰
Practicing alone, until I’ve forgotten who I am.

想隱身在 狂歡中的人潮
I want to hide myself amid the rowdy crowd,

卻反而被 孤單作上記號
Yet in fact I’ve been marked by loneliness.

我用眼淚 怎麼洗也洗不掉
I use my tears, but I can’t wash it away no matter how I try.

沒有愛情 也就沒有煩惱
If there is no love, there won’t be frustrations.

用這個謊 虛渡多少時光
Using that lie, how much time have I spent idly?

我會試著 跟自己處的很好
I will try to interact well with myself.

自言自語 但願有人 能夠聽到
I talk to myself hoping that someone can hear me.



Insert Song: 小世界 – 姚亦晴
A Small World – By Shiny Yao Yi Qing

We need to let it go We need to let it shine
We need to let it go. We need to let it shine.
忽左 忽右 天空飄著浪漫的雲朵
Suddenly going left, suddenly going right. Romantic clouds are drifting in the sky.

幻想 愛情 牽著誰的手
I’m imagining whose hand love is holding.

我在做什麼美夢 現實敲敲我的頭
Why am I daydreaming? Reality is knocking on my head.

If no one invites me to the graduation dance,

And then I’m afraid I will embarrass myself after promising to go on that date,

***Chorus***煩惱就let it go- go- go- go- go
Frustration; just let it go, go, go, go go. 快樂就let it shine -shine -shine -shine –shine
Happiness; just let it shine, shine, shine, shine, shine.

找一個我專屬的小世界 相信我自己的大無畏
I need to find a small world that belongs to me, where I believe in my fearlessness.

過去就let it go- go- go- go- go
The past; just let it go, go, go, go, go.

明天就let it shine -shine -shine -shine –shine
Tomorrow; just let it shine, shine, shine, shine, shine.

找一個我專屬的小世界 挑戰我自己的大冒險
I need to find a small world that belongs to me, where I can risk challenging myself.

We need to let it go We need to let it shine
We need to let it go. We need to let it shine.

有妳 有我 可以分享秘密的朋友
There’s you, there’s me. We are friends that can share secrets with each other.

勇敢 脆弱 都一起加油
Courage or weakness, let’s work hard together.

Take advantage of how we aren’t mature enough yet right now.

How many stupid things have we not done yet?

Hoping every day that I will become beautiful isn’t being vain.

Only when it’s your turn to make your own decisions is that called freedom.


After the rain is gone, the sky clears, and you can see the rainbow;

What is more moving than this moment?

Remember this moment when you reap your reward.

Raise my head and aim for my starry sky.

What can be more vast than this?

Stash away the smile from this moment in time.


Insert Song: 牆 – 姚亦晴
Wall – By Shiny Yao Yi Qing

你的創作 天馬行空
Your creations come out of the blue.

你的世界 難以觸碰
It’s hard to touch your world.

I can only stand by from afar.

距離的虛構 隱形的溫柔
A distant fabricated construct, the warmth of a shadow.

我的故事 沒人能說
No one can tell my story.

我的世界 只想你懂
I only want you to understand my world.

In the silhouette of your dreams,

是否會有我 在你畫裡唱遊
Do you have me singing and wandering in your drawings?

No matter how crazy the risks are in the future,

就算巨大的困難 襲擊而來
Even if massive difficulties come attacking,

I’m willing to construct city walls for you,

Protecting you until you collapse.

幻化永恆的希娜 勇敢的羅賽 美麗的瑪利亞
Fantasize the perpetual Xena, the brave Rosa, the beautiful Maria.

When you regain the sky, /

When you step into your dreams,

Spread your wings of freedom,

Please take me with you.

Let me fly and soar with you.

Insert Song: 點水 – 楊丞琳
Dipping water – by Rainie Yang

脫下自己 蓋上你
I shed off myself, and put you on.

I leave the comfort zone in my heart.

我願意主動被你選擇 你卻不說話
I am willing to be chosen by you, yet you don’t say anything.

I’ve prepared to wait for you in the ripples.

I’ve lowered the height of that doorstep to frankness.

You insist on silence; it’s so superficial. You give your promises haphazardly.

Seven billion souls are all searching for the same eternity. 以為我們終於等到單純
I thought that we have finally waited until innocence arrived. 你把話說完了 愛領走了
You’ve said all there is to say, you’ve taken love away.

I stay in the same spot, utterly and innocently empty.

I still want to be good to you.

I want to believe undoubtedly that this moment is silent because

心跳還有共鳴 還沒真的失去
The heartbeat is declaring that it’s not really lost yet.

我太懶惰 玩不贏心理遊戲
I am too lazy; I can’t win this psychological game.
I could continue being good to you.

I don’t mind the disturbance, light as a dragonfly dips in the water,

Even though you obviously stayed for so long.

生活太過千頭萬緒 才想在感情裡任性
Life has too many thousands of loose ends; that’s why I want to be stubborn in love.

讓我攤開真心墊著你 自由飛行的軌跡
Let me lay open my true heart to pad the path of your flight into freedom.

***Chorus B***

I still want to be good to you.

I want to believe undoubtedly that in this moment my heart hurts because

回憶還有共鳴 不會真的失去
The memories still resound, declaring that they won’t be really lost.

我太笨拙 玩不起心理遊戲
I am too stupid; I can’t win this psychological game.
How much do I want to continue being good to you?

I don’t mind the disturbance, light as a dragonfly dips in the water.

只怕我對你的好 才是打擾
I’m just afraid that being good to you will become the disturbance.
只怕我對你的好 你不需要
I’m just afraid that being good to you is something you won’t need.

Insert Song: 失憶的金魚 – 楊丞琳
The Amnesiac Goldfish – by Rainie Yang

我的簡訊 在你手機裡面哭
My text message is in crying inside your cellphone.

你不碰 它孤獨
You don’t touch it, and it’s lonely.

我像一隻金魚 你看不到淚珠
I’m like a goldfish. You can’t see the tear drops.

只有那盆水 才清楚
Only that bowl of water knows.
這一哭 誰一鬧 那一痛 誰一抱
This crying. Who’s fussing? That pain. Who will hug me?

那晚摔碎的魚缸 陪我們睡不著
That night, the shattered fishbowl can’t fall asleep, just like us.

剩你我兩隻魚 怎麼都捱不到
It’s just us two fishes left. Why can’t the suffering end?

You avoided my hug like a stranger.

***Chorus***我就這樣好不好 記住你撐到七秒
Can I just stay like this? Remember you and hold on for seven seconds. 你就不要急切的 趕走我撥起秒錶
Then don’t be in a hurry to shoo me away, starting the timer.

我們就說好 我也盡力會做到
Let’s make a deal. I will try to make it.

Pinky promise. Neither of us can back out.

我就這樣好不好 趁最後再愛七秒
Can I just stay like this? Let’s love again in the last seven seconds.

不管給我就算是 陌生的一個心跳
I don’t care if you just give me an unfamiliar heartbeat.

當我們說好 發現真的很難做到
Once we agreed, I realized it was really hard to do it.

有感情 誰都賴不掉 賴不掉
The feelings are still there. No one can get rid of it. Can’t get rid of it.

(Repeat from beginning, chorus x2)

Insert Song: 其實我們值得幸福 – 楊丞琳
Actually, We Deserve to Be Happy – by Rainie Yang

我們這一年 忙到少見面
This year, we’ve been so busy that we rarely see each other.

下一次 大概是她的婚宴
The next time we meet is probably at her wedding banquet.

彷彿是昨天 誰淚流滿臉
It seems as though it was yesterday that someone’s tears streaked her face.

轉眼就要慶祝 下個春天
In the blink of an eye, we have to celebrate the coming of another spring.

太讓人羨慕 甚至參雜一點嫉妒
I’m envied by so many people. They might even be a little jealous.

不至於孤獨 暫時把工作當歸宿
I’m not really considered alone. I’ve temporarily turned my work into my home.

你們都羨慕 我累積的飛行哩數
You’re all envious of the flight mileage I’ve accumulated.

勉強也活出 另一種滿足
I’ve forced myself to live out a different kind of satisfaction.

Really. 既然我們可以幸福
Since we can be happy,

Don’t keep looking back.

Whose youth isn’t a haze?

A wrong love is just the excess.
Actually, we deserve to be happy.

It’s not time to admit defeat yet.

Don’t be poisoned by the toxin of love songs.

Loneliness isn’t all that bad.
There’s no need to be in a hurry to tolerate love. How painful is that?

感謝過去 成就我的幸福
I thank you for bringing me happiness in the past.

(Repeat from beginning)

Actually, we deserve to be happy.

It’s not time to admit defeat yet.

Don’t be poisoned by the toxin of love songs.

Loneliness isn’t all that bad.
There’s no need to be in a hurry to tolerate love. How painful is that?

我們別哭 愛不會被辜負
Let’s not cry. Love won’t be deserted.

我們都值得 被緣分眷顧
We all deserve to be taken care of by fate.

Insert Song: 有什麼意義 – 王大文
Meaningless – by Wang Da Wen

擦肩 而過 沒有表情的你我
Brush past each other’s shoulders. We wear no expression.

快樂 難過 習慣把它藏好
Happiness, sorrow. I’m used to hiding them well.

I’m busy looking for someone to talk to on the internet.

Yet in real life, I’d rather remain silent.

Obviously, I have so many people around me.

Yet I only feel the more lonely.

***Chorus***為什麼 我開始懷疑
Why am I starting to doubt ♫努力在追趕的 究竟是什麼
What exactly I am working hard to pursue?

Yet I’m over there.

有沒有 誰真正懂得我
Is there anyone who really understands me?

如果把心打開 都需要考慮
If I still have to debate whether or not to open my heart,

It really turns my heart cold.
What good is that?

沒什麼意義 意義
It’s meaningless. Meaningless.

What good is that?

沒什麼意義 意義
It’s meaningless. Meaningless.

訊號 太弱 竟然感覺很輕鬆
The signal is too weak. It actually makes me feel at ease.

好想 失蹤 任誰也找不到
I really wish I could be lost and no one could find me.

I upload endlessly. Whom do I want to share this with?

I’ve forgotten to ask myself how I feel.

I don’t want to be like those people,

Spinning around aimlessly along with the world.


(Repeat x2)
我知道 我想要
I know that I want

to reorganize myself.

能不能看到 原來的那個自己
Can I see my original self?


Brush past each other’s shoulders.


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