Welcome to our humble blog!!

Officially, we are called the Word Nerds (yes, that’s our “team name”).  Pragmatically, however, we are just two good friends who share several of the same, but very crucial and important passions.  The first passion is Asian dramas, but with a particular appetite for Taiwanese dramas.  Of course, Korean dramas and Mainland China dramas are lots of fun too, but Taiwan dramas hold a special place in our hearts.  This is also the reason why this blog exists, because we wanted to share our addiction civilized interest in drama watching.

The second passion is perhaps not so intuitive, but just as important: language.  Indeed, this entire endeavor wouldn’t exist without a love for language and a yearning to break through any language barriers so that everyone can enjoy Asian language dramas despite the viewer’s native language .

So, here we are.  We are an independent and eager team dedicated to subtitling Taiwanese dramas into English so that a more international audience can know of these precious jewels.

We hope you enjoy!


The Word Nerds

(aka CocoaCaffeine8 and SoundsofSnow)


Respond to the Drama!

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